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The main focus in the design of Messiah was low CPU. The audio part of the synth engine has only modules by Chris Kerry hand coded in Microsoft assembly language for low CPU.

(The effect section has modules by other developers).


Messiah v1.3

Win 32 bit only

Demo with audio dropouts

Buy Messiah for 30 US dollar



Messiah design is inspired by Prophet5.

But instead of saw, tri and pulse oscillators it has 3 innovative oscillators:

- Morph oscillator with 4 waveforms.

- Unison oscillator with 7 voices (and you can put this oscillator into 5 voice unison for 35 voices).

- Flexi oscillator that consist of 2 seperate waves that can perform PWM, ring mod. and phase distortion with very low CPU.

Price is 30 US dollar. Win 32bit only.

Flexi oscillator modes:

mode function PWM
Dual A+B Addition Phase modulation
Dual A-B Subtraction Phase modulation
Ring depth Ring modulation Ring modulation depth
Ring-width+A Ring modulation Phase width/gab between waves
Phaze dist wave Phase distortion Phase distortion depth
Phase dist envA Envelope distorts the phase of wave A Depth of phase modulation
Phase dist envB Envelope directly controls the phase of wave A Phase mod of wave A
Envelope Only envelope is output X
Ext.indexing PWM controls the phase of wave A PWM controls the phase of wave A

You can set the pitch of wave B with the "WaveB/env.offset" knob.

The synth has a advanced gate with controls for cutoff and harmonics (overtones) for all 16 steps.

Messiah is a VST-instrument.

You install it by copying the messiah.dll file to your VST-plugin folder.

Listen to Messiah:

Synth messiah messiah
  screenshot screenshot
  Junior_boy Depeche
  Sherinian Deepfelt
  Eythor Bass_sweep

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