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Screenshot soundfont page.

Memorymoon manual.

I needed a fat synthesizer that could compete with loud guitar amplifiers and sound better than distorted guitar sounds. So I built the memorymoon. It has 6 voicecards with 3 oscillators. You can set drift values for osc1 tuning, osc2 tuning, pulse-width, filter cutoff and VCA level to emulate the variations between voice cards in analog synthsizers. Osc1 has a drift button to do LFO drift. Unison will make a single note play from 1-6 voicecards at the same time.

The sound is very overdriven. Mixer levels over 50 will create distortion in all oscillators. Filter2 has multiple stages of distortion and filter2 level knob will set the overdrive gain. Filter2 has built in +/- 5% variations to emulate analog components. The distortion effect at output can be inserted at output stage, or before the filter.

It is a live-instrument. Arpeggiator, osc3, LFO and delay can be synced to host clock, or you can set tempo to manual and tap the synced tempo with a button (CC97), tap with the sustain pedal, or use the tempo knob.

Price is 30 US dollar. Special offer: Buy memorymoon and messiah for 40 US dollar. Download.


Just memorymoon and a drumloop:
Synth memorymoon memorymoon
  screenshot screenshot
  Long recall CS80 lead
  Open moog Electro 130
  Big Orchestral Phase arpeggio

Angora. A song by Wouter Geukens using memorymoon only.


Memorymoon manual.

Memorymoon manual in PDF format.

Memorymoon MIDI control.

Credits: Programming: Gunnar Ekornås. Custom modules by Chris Kerry, David Haupt , Attila Fustos , Peter Schoffhauser , EVM, Kelly Lynch , Rick Jelliffe , Andy Medforth and Christian-W Budde. Programming advice: Max Brezhestovski, Chris Kerry and David Haupt. Skin by Robert Wentz. Made with Synth-Edit.

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