Memorymoon Messiah ME80
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The messiah extra4 bank is now complete. Uploaded to the download page. 48 new patches. The second half of the bank focus on supersaws. The sounds use the unison oscillator, so the supersaws have full 8 voice polyphony. You can use the mod wheel to increase cutoff. I have explored the highpass and notch filter. The notch filter creates some moving phazer sounds. You can turn on "unison" button next to the LCD display to make it even fatter.
ME80 banks installer updated. Extra bank2 polished and updated. Elektro bank completely reworked. I used bad speakers when I made the bank, so I have totally changed it and used expensive monitors in a studio while working on the bank. Some new distortion guitars. 21 new unison sounds (Use mod wheel and aftertouch to open up the sounds). All the sounds you need to play Sing me to sleep by Alan Walker. The unison flute at 0.28. The simple flute at 0.32. The portamento glide sound at 0.50. And the unison lead at 1.12. ME80 PC banks installer that will install 3 extra banks. ME80 MAC banks installer.
ME80 updated to version 2.3. Use the same download links as version 2.0.
  • New patch browser at the top of the GUI. Banks button let you select from all installed banks. Patch name LCD: Left-click to select patch. Right-click to rename patch. File button: To load and save presets and banks. Works on Mac too.
  • Polyphony increased to 12 voices.
  • New unison mode. Unison voices from "off" to 8. Unison detune and pan spread in the stereo field. It can do both polyphony and unison in these combinations: 2 voice unison - 6 voices polyphony. 3 voice unison - 4 notes. 4 voice unison - 3 notes. 5 voice unison - 2 voices. 6 voice unison - 2 voices. 7 voice unison - 1 voice. 8 voice unison - 1 voice polyphony.
  • New mod wheel destinations: VCO pitch, Synthline mix (Will add voltage so you can morph from synthline1 to synthline2 with mod wheel), ring-mod speed, pan, EQ2 band2 gain, EQ2 band2 freq and VCF cutoff. Direct switch to select from direct voltage or LFO level.
  • Increased effect from Sub-oscillator VCA slider.
  • Ribbon range knob is now 2 semitones down and 2 semitones up at lowest setting.
  • Built with CK_Engine by Chris Kerry.
ME80 PC banks installer that will install 3 extra banks. ME80 MAC banks installer.
New full bank for ME80 on the download page. 128 new patches for electronic music production. It has many short sounds and more effects. I added some distortion guitar patches and 20 vintage patches at the end of the bank. Vintage bank for Prophet 600 released. 80 patches. Prophet 600 page. Bank for Moog Minitaur released. 100 patches. Minitaur page.
ME80 updated to version 2.2. Use the same download links as version 2.0.
  • New BIG high res skin by Scott Kane
  • Fix for missing notes in Mixcraft
  • Patch nr 128 is initialized patch.
  • AU version will not be displayed in Live, because Live will first find the VST version, and then stop looking for the AU version.
  • Built with CK_Engine by Chris Kerry.

Robin Grinnall made a new complete bank for ME80 v2.10. 126 patches. Uploaded to the download page. New extra2 bank for ME80 v2.10 with 39 new patches. Messiah extra4 bank expanded with 22 new patches.
ME80 updated to version 2.110. Use the same download links as version 2.0.

Windows 32/64bit
MAC VST 32/64
MAC AU 32/64

To install:
First uninstall version 2.0: Use the Control-Panel/install-uninstall programs. Always uninstall before installing a new version. (The installer will not work when there is already a ME80v2 installed).
Windows: Double click the installer, specify your VST-plugins folder and follow the instructions.
Apple MAC: Double click the installer (.pkg) file and follow the instructions.


  • Solved a problem with EQ CC numbers
  • Removed the velocity sens knob at the drift page becasue it defaulted to zero when loading v2.0 patches
  • Robin Grinnall adjusted the reverb damp levels, because the range of the knob had changed in last version
  • Robin Grinnall adjusted the reverb damp levels in the ME80v2_extra bank on the download page.

ME80 updated to version 2.102. Use the same download links as version 2.0.


  • Solved patch saving in Mixcraft6
  • Improved note stealing, especially with thrills
  • Improved contrast in the big GUI versions.
  • New selectable velocity curve and aftertouch curve on the drift page. V1.0 had inv-exp aftertouch curve
  • More damping from the reverb damp knob.

ME80 updated to version 2.1. Use the same download links as version 2.0.


  • Built with CK_Engine.
  • Full 128 patch factory bank + a full 128 patch extra bank. Uploaded to the download page.
  • Bigger GUI versions available on request for high resolution monitors with 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Patch names correctly displayed in hosts like Cantabile and Live. Still som wrong names in MuLab and Mac Garageband. Patch recall in Live fixed.
  • Improved note stealing. Fixed muted notes.
  • Loading Presets/Banks caused problems in some hosts when 'suspended' causing the factory sounds to still play. Now Fixed.
  • Random sliders for pitch and PW. Set independentyly for each syntyhline. Emulates the differences between the 8 voicecards that comes from aging components, heat and poorly calibrated synths.
  • Added overdrive and 3 band EQ pre and 3 band EQ post. When overdrive is "off" you can use the both EQs as a big 6 band Equalizer. Volume compensated overdrive. You can adjust EQ with GUI or old-style knobs. Midi-learn (and unlearn) for all bands. It is a Fully Parametric EQ; Frequency, Gain and Width(Q) controls - All can be automated or set to MidiCC/NRPN. Midi-learn implemented in the old-style knobs.
  • Removed VCF LEVEL and LEVEL sliders from the random function since they are only volume sliders and tend to create silent sounds.
  • The WHEEL slider - still has VCO and VCF destinatiions, but there is a new button to select to send the modulation directly to VCO and VCF when the new button is "on", or you can send it as LFO modulation to VCO and VCF when the new button is "off".
  • "Portamento foot switch" function now controlled by CC64 (Sustain pedal). It was CC65 in the 2.0 version. When "portamento foot switch" is on - then the normal sustain pedal hold function is disabled. (User request)
  • GUI envelopes and GUI EQ in grey colours as requested at KVR.
  • Demo versions with silence at 15 -20 seconds intervals available. Uploaded to the download page.

Some information about how the EQ GUI Window works:
Press RIGHT-CLICK and drag - this alters WIDTH/Q(L/R) and GAIN(U/D)
Press LEFT-CLICK and Drag - this alters FREQ(L/R) and GAIN(U/D)
If you Double Click on an EQ Band it will reset the Gain to Zero

Hint about fine adjustments: You can press Ctrl to do fine adjustments, and Ctrl+Shift to do even finer adjustments.

Current pre-set CC numbers:
CC0 (Avoid this , bank change in many synths)
CC1 Mod wheel
CC2 Breath control (routed to the aftertouch system inside the synth).
CC7 Master volume
CC11 Expression pedal - there is a selector in ME80 to select exp, wah or exp+wah.
The wah-knob is simply a monitor for the expression pedal, it will move when you move the exp pedal. You can right-click to set it to another value than CC11 or unlearn it. It is very useful for instance if you have no sound, then you can look at the wah/exp-knob and see its position.
CC25 pre EQ mid band freq (can be unlearned).EQ band CC's are pre-set for the Novation Launchpad mini knobs 5,6,7,8.
CC26 pre EQ mid band gain (can be unlearned).
CC27 post EQ mid band freq (can be unlearned).
CC28 post EQ mid band gain (can be unlearned).
CC64 Normal Sustain pedal , or longer release when the "Sustain foot switch" is activated, and portamento off/on when the "Portamento foot switch" is activated.
CC69 (avoid this , used for sustain pedals in many controllers)
CC120(avoid this - all sounds off)

RG sounds made by Robin Grinnall
Rylo3 sounds made by Shaun Rylands
DW sounds by Darren W
DL sounds by David Lee.

A soundtrack from Shaun Rylands. It is all ME80 v 2.1 and is inspired Vangelis Beaubourg. It shows off the more experimental side of the synth:

ME80 v2.0 played by Peter Baldwin. It is 5 instances of an ME80, 1 Tal Bassline put through NI Guitar Rig ring mod, 1 Gforce Oddity warped to near destruction, and everything put through Audio Damage Eos reverbs: Simulacrum-001.
Demonstration of the patch RG_Atonal in the extra bank: Atonal patch demo.
Demonstration of the patch RG_Alone in the wilderness: Alone in the wilderness demo.

Betatesters for version 2.1: Erich Rast and Steve (Sonar X3). Vytis Puronas and Den (Ableton Live). Robin Grinnall (Reaper). Peter Werner (Cantabile).

ME80 updated to version 2.0

Rebuilt from scratch by Chris Kerry.
Windows 32/64bit
Mac 32/64bit

To install:
Windows: Double click the installer, specify your VST-plugins folder and follow the instructions.
To uninstall: use the Control-Panel/install-uninstall programs. Always uninstall before installing a new version. (The installer will not work when there is already a ME80v2 installed).
Apple MAC: Double click the installer (.pkg) file and follow the instructions.


  • ME80v2 has been built from scratch using CK_Engine.
  • Improved CPU performance. Shorter loading times. GUI delay in Reaper fixed.
  • New Wah function by Chris Kerry (based on the CS80 specification)
  • New Chorus/Tremolo by Chris Kerry (based on the CS80 specification)
  • New Drift/Detune system. Each Row has assignable Analogue Drift, all voices have independent analogue drift - this emulates the natural tuning drift of Analogue circuits. Square and Dual Saw waves have separate positive/negative detuning allowing balanced natural detuned sounds.
  • New Note On SYNC: When OFF, all voice oscillators are free-running. When ON, voice oscillators reset for each Note; Note On Sync generally has a 'tighter' attack sound.
  • New VCF KeyTracking Button: When OFF, a fixed sloping filter response is applied across the keyboard (default). When ON, the filter response is flat.
  • GUI Envelopes: All aspects of the Envelopes can be edited from the GUI. The VCA Envelopes can be extended up to 8 stages with different shapes.
  • Sustain Footswitch Mode: When OFF, the sustain pedal acts as a standard Note Hold. When ON the sustain pedal operates the original CS80 specification by controlling the Sustain Master amount.
  • Aftertouch/Bend Speed: Sets the smoothing/glide response time. For gliding effects use high times, for fast realtime response set the lowest time.
  • Improved smoother reverb with higher density.
  • MIDI LEARN: Right Click on controls to Assign MIDI CC or NRPN. Just move the external controller to assign via MIDI LEARN. Settings apply to all patches in the bank.
  • Deleted the velocity envelope due to user requests - 'INITIAL' now follows the original CS80 specification.

Known issues:

  • ME80v2 is a VST2.4 instrument. Some very old CubaseVST versions like SL3, SX3 and VST24 do not support VST2.4; you can open ME80v2 and play it from the GUI but the instrument can't be selected on a midi track in those programs.
  • Does not work on V-machine. However it seems to work on all Linux system that users have tested.
  • Since ME80v2 has been rebuilt from scratch using a different system the old ME80 patches will not load.

Coded by Chris Kerry (UK)
Patches: Robin Grinnall (RG) and Paul Roach(PR) (Both UK)
Thanks to all the betatesters: Robin Grinnall, Paul Roach, Peter Werner, "L" (Lew), Georges Poropat, Jesper Freisleben Nilsen, Ralph Mangeno .......and many more...
There is a hardware ME80 developed at: http://www.ultrafunk.com/ But they have not posted any news about it yet.
Paul_Roach_bank for memorymoon completed and is now a full bank with 127 patches. Uploaded to the download page.
Mode Machines will sell the next 100 Prophet5 controllers called Professor2 with the Messiah vsti included in the box. Professor2Professor2
ME80 extra bank finished. A full bank with 128 sounds. And a new ME80 bank called "extra2" with 106 new sounds. You can download the banks from the download page.
Shaun Rylands soundcloud page has a lot of ME80 sounds. The page has his own compositions in Vangelis style, and it really sounds just like Vangelis. On this page you will find out what ME80 sounds he used.
ME80_extra bank expanded to 112 patches. Paul_Roach_bank for memorymoon expanded to 103 patches. Uploaded to the download page.
New ME80_extra bank with 61 patches. Uploaded to the download page.
  • Free Minitaur bank updated to 39 patches. I deleted the 6 weakest, and added 14 new patches. Download page.
  • Messiah version for external hardware filter changed to 5 voices in order to work on V-machine. Left output: Cutoff CV voltage. Right output: Audio.

New versions adjusted for V-machine performance. Can be used to run very low latency on Atom CPUs. Just send a mail to: Gunnar to request the V-machine versions and please specify which synths you own. No vizard needed.
  • MessiahV: 5 voices
  • MemorymoonV2: 4 voices, no unison, and 6 voices soundfont section.
  • MemorymoonV3: 4 voices. Full unison. New filter and oscillators that are tuned to sound the same as the original version. CPU is even lower than the V2 version.
  • ME80V: 4 voices, and reduced cutoff update rate.

30.12.12. Memorymoon_extra2 bank completed with 127 patches. Messiah_extra4 bank updated to 33 patches including she-wolf and this is love lead sounds. To make shewolf sound right you must play both shewolfA and B leads at the same time, and play shewolfB lead with forths and fifths. Both banks available at the download page for free.

11.08.12. New plugin released to correct wrong velocity-curves in many controllers: Velocity-curve. It has adjustment for midi-channel, velocity-curve, and transpose option. Scroll down to the bottom of the download page.
Minitaur resources uploaded to the download page. 31 new sounds and controller templates for Novation remote25, Novation remoteSL, NovationSL MK2, Roland PCR 300 500 and 800 and finally for AKAI MPK49. The templates makes the hidden parameters available.
05.08.12. Webshop open again after a long holiday. I bought a little keyboard (AKAI LKP25) and had my little MSI WIND notebook every night in the tent. Memorymoon and Messiah works on old Intel Atom CPUs. For ME80 you need a more powerful computer, but it works on a Atom CPU when I limit polyphony to 4 voices. I think I have made some of my most inspired sound design ever. You find the patches in the new memorymoon_extra2 bank. It has 92 brand new patches, mostly with ringmodulator to osc2. I have tried to make memorymoon sound like a Yamaha DX7 FM synthesier. There are a lot of bell and mallet sounds. Most of the ring-mod sounds is intended for the upper range. It is very difficult to make ring-mod patches sound good across the entire keyboard range. The messiah_extra3 bank has been expanded to 111 patches including some bright DX7 style sounds.
Paul Roach memorymoon bank expanded to 89 patches. Uploaded to the download page.
New version of Messiah intended for external analog filter. To download: Add the letter "e" after messiah in your old download link so the download link says messiahe....zip, just like memorymoon piano version is memorymoonp.....zip. Or you can send me a mail.

I just got a Moog Minitaur, and I made this version to use the Minitaur as an external analog filter. Filter mode is set to "Bypass" by default, and the filter mode will not change when you change preset like it does in the standard version. The Minitaur has a very hot input, so the ouput level is set to just 10% compared to the standard version. I set the Minitaur cutoff knob to 40% to get the sound right, so you might have to test different cutoff setting on your hardware synthesizer. It should work with Minimoog, Little phatty, Microzwerg, Minibrute and so on. It has the same VST-id as the standard version, so in some hosts you can have both versions installed at the same time, in some hosts only one of them will show up.
In filter mode "bypass" audio is sent to right output, and filter cutoff (knob, envelopes, velocity, kb-tracking for highest note) is sent to left output. When using it with Minitaur I have to use max output level from my soundcard to get strong enough cutoff (It has the range 0-5V). There is a new knob to set the overall cutoff sent to left ouput: audio

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R14:
  • New filter mode: 12dB per octave. This is a brighter filter mode with no self oscillation and less resonance. It is very good for clean bright sounds.
  • New control on the LFO page: Fiss. This will give a bright buzzy sound to the oscillators, and I found out how to do this in one of the many discussions about the old moog sound. Youtube clip about new and old moog sound.

Adam Borseti has made this version of Bladerunner movie music. ME80 is the only synth in the track: Bladerunner theme.
Paul Roach memorymoon bank expanded to 79 patches. Uploaded to the download page.
Messiah extra bank3 expanded to 91 patches. Paul Roach memorymoon bank expanded to 67 patches. (Board of Canada style). Uploaded to the download page.
Removed midi-out from all instruments because there were problem with automation from host. The midi-out signals would interfere with automation from the host. And all instruments will now internally read CC2 breath control as aftertouch. And I changed synced values 5/2 to a slower 1/4Triad division. The old download links still works.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R13:

  • Updated oscillators with more body and much more overtones in the lower registers. Mp3 file with first old oscillator, then the same note played by the improved oscillator: Improvment example.
  • New presets.
  • The LFO waveform "Steps" has been changed to sine wave. This is much more useful for dubstep wobbles.Patches that used the step waveform will still load fine.

Messah bank "extra3" updated to 72 patches. Download page. The new patches have even more audio rate modulation.
New Messah bank "extra3" with 58 new sounds at the download page. Messiah extra3 bank has som impressions from this minitaur video: Moog Minitaur. And it has new dist guitars and 14 modulation patches using the poly mod section in Messiah.
Messiah updated with a new sound: "Symphonic strings" and patch levels adjusted. You can use the old download links.
ME80 updated to build R8. Wheel VCO/LPF selector set to the most useful setting in all presets. You can still use the old download links.
All synths updated. You can now choose to send mod-wheel to LFO level or to filter cutoff. Build versions: Memorymoon R9, Messiah R12 and ME80 R7. Right click the GUI to check your version number. The GUI on all synths are so crowded that I found no room for an off/on swith on any of the synths, so instead you just click on the "WHEEL LFO" text. The text is a switch. And in case anyone wonder what "OCTAVE SWITCH" means: At very high velocities (above 123) the pitch will be +1 octave in the oscillators. This is to simulate guitar overtones. Click
Messiah updated to R11 beta. Messiah extra bank updated with many new patches.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R11:

Messiah extra bank2 finally completed. I made most of the patches on the Project5 controller. Uploaded to the download page.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R10:

  • 3 new patches. Patch 5 "Eric Levy lead2" is my impression of this synthesizer demo by Eric Levy. It is specially created for his percussive style. Patch 27 "Super PWM slow" and patch 42 "octave chords" are demos of the new possibility to have PWM modulation in all 7 waves in the unison oscillator.

Messiah extra bank2 expanded to 120 patches, many of the patches are dubstep basses. Uploaded to the download page. Messiah CC picture updated.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R9:

  • Unison oscillator will recieve oscB pulse width modulation. The Pulse:Saw waveshape and the other Pulse: waveshapes will do pulse-width moulation for all 7 waves. Pulse:Saw is used for old style PWM modulation. The other Pulse: waveshapes will create other waveshapes, but the waveshape will be modulated.
  • Messiah will send midi CC snapshots for every program change message. (Tried to implement this one year ago, but I made an error, now it should work.)
  • CC numbers fix: Amp velocity and filter velocity had duplicate CC numbers, in this version amp velocity is CC6 and filter velocity is CC 10. New CC number: Unison osc waveshape CC 39. I have checked that all possible CC numbers have been used.

Paul Roach bank expanded to 62 patches. Improved control maps for Roland PCR300/500/800. (2 for memorymoon and 4! for messiah.) Uploaded to the download page. Midi-learn for page selector added to all synths. The current download links are still valid.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R8:

  • 6 new patches. 4 Atmospheric patches by Paul Roach and 2 by me.
  • Bend range selector added.
  • 2 new buttons: Rounded envelope shape for both flexi oscillators. When OFF the shape is linear.


  • 18 new sounds. 14 by Paul Roach and 4 by me.
  • Reverb LCD readouts added under the reverb knobs


  • 5 new sounds by Patrick Avarezi. Including Vangelis sounds from the songs "I hear you now" and "Antartica".

12.08.11. New control templates uploaded to the download page: M-audio Axiom49 and Korg nanokontrol. A new preset uploaded that makes it possible to control memorymoon from a DSI Prophet08. Just load the preset to any preset number, and all presets in the bank will have the correct CC numbers.


Messiah, memorymoon and ME80 updated. The current download links are still valid.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R7:

  • Added selector for pitch bend range. Intervals: Fifth, second and octave. The selector is in the voice-card section, because there is no space for it in the controller section. Just click on the text and select the interval. Stored per patch. Old patches or songs will default to a fifth like it was before.
  • Expression pedal is now CC11 like it should be, and some minor changes in the CC numbers because of that.


  • Piano version saved with lower cutoff, because I realized that my KX88 controller has lower velocity than modern controllers like the Akai and Novation.
  • Expression pedal is now CC11 like it should be. Minor adjustments in CC numbers because of that. Its setting will default to max unless you use very-very old patches. Not stored per patch, but stored globally. It modulates the master volume setting (CC7), so it will send from 0 - 100% of the value set with the master volume knob.


  • Beta tester Peter Werner reported clicks when using expression pedal (CC11). I impoved the conversion. Should be much smoother now.
  • Expression pedal is now CC11 like it should be. In the former version it was set to CC7. But now CC7 is controlling master volume instead.

28.06.11. Messiah extra-bank2 updated to 86 patches. The newest additions are electro sounds.

Messiah and memorymoon updated. The current download links are still valid.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R6:

  • Tempo sync buttons for LFO, OSC-B, delay tempo and FX modulation on did not remember their settings. Fixed in this version
  • User request to send midi automation to midi-out so patch changes can be displayed by controllers like Novation SL2 and Behringer BRC2000.


  • Tempo sync buttons for OSC-3 and delay sync tempo did not remember their setting. Fixed in this version
  • User request to send midi automation to midi-out so patch changes can be displayed by controllers like Novation SL2 and Behringer BRC2000.

27.06.11. Paul Roach sent me 25 new patches for the memorymoon synthesizer. You will find the bank at the download page.
21.05.11. ME80 updated. User request to lower minimum LFO values from 0.5 Hz to 0.1 Hz. The CS80 manual says that the lowest LFO rate is 0.7 Hz, so this means that the minimum LFO speed is not accurately modelled after this update.

NEWS IN ME80 1.3 R4:

  • Minimum LFO speed and PWM rate lowered to 0.1 Hz. (Was 0.5 Hz).

17.05.11. Today I added more patches to the Messiah extra2 bank. Messiah_extra2 bank updated to 72 patches. Downlaod.
15.05.11. Messiah, memorymoon and ME80 updated. The current download links are still valid.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R5:

  • The new selector from note start sync to bar start sync did not work as expected in when master clock set to manual. This is fixed in the latest version


  • New sync delay times added: 1/4 dotted, 1/4 triad and 1/8 triad.
  • New LFO and Osc3 sync times added: 2/5 and 1/8 triad.


  • New sync delay times added: 1/4 dotted, 1/4 triad and 1/8 triad.
  • New LFO sync times added: 2/5 and 1/8 triad.
  • 9 new patches by Antoine Brancato (AB), and 7 new patches by me.

08.05.11. Messiah 1.3 updated. The current download links are still valid.

NEWS IN Messiah 1.3 R4:

  • LFO and OSC_B were not synced to barstart when sync is on. This is fixed, and both will now be bar-start synced when sync is selected. When set to as long values as 2 and 4 bars bar-start sync will be disabled.
  • Midi-learn now enabled for sync values in LFO , OSC_B, ARP speed, and synced delay times. This makes dubstep style control of wobble speed possible
  • New sync values in LFO and OSC_B: 1/4 triad and 5 notes over 2 beats.
  • New sync values for synced delay: 1/4 dotted, 1/4 triad and 1/8 triad.
  • In the ARP section you can select from note-on sync or bar start sync. Just click on the text above the sync button.

18.04.11. Memorymoon 1.8 and ME80 1.2 updated. The current download links are still valid.

NEWS IN Memorymoon 1.8 R4:

  • Improved reverb with double density and modulated tail. The old reverb had input from left side only, now it is true stereo. There will be som increase in CPU since the new reverb is more advanced, but I feel it is worth it. On most machines the reverb will still use less than 1% CPU. The reverb is now the same as in the ME80 synthesizer.

NEWS IN ME80 1.2 R2:

  • Reverb has now double density and modulated tail. This has a big impact on the sound, since most factory presets has some reverb. The tail is much smoother in the improved reverb.

03.04.11. Messiah and Memorymoon updated. You can still use the download links for version 1.3 and 1.8.


  • Patch nr1 ----LEAD--- is new. It is my impression of Jan Hammer solo when playing with Jeff Beck around 1974.
  • More new patches: Nr 24 SupersawLFO, nr 32: Supersaw_phaser and nr 95 gated supersaw.
  • Patches 42 and 101 had too much voice card drift in filter, so I lowered filter drift to make the sounds more playable.


  • Patch nr 4 Jan Hammer Lead4 is my attempt to recreate the solo sound in this video: Sophie - Jeff Beck..
  • New patch nr 9 FM melody. It is a very strange solo lead. The timbre is normal in the lower ranges, but as you play in the higher register the sound will be more and more distorted by FM modulation.
  • Added midi-learn to the soundfont page.

20.03.11. Today I added more patches to the extra banks. Moon_extra bank updated to a full bank. Messiah_extra2 updated to 55 patches. Downlaod.
26.02.11. Antoine Brancato has sent me 6 nice patches for ME80. Downlaod.
21.02.11 New versions released. I have sent the new versions to registered since august 2010, you can slill use the same links to download latest build. I recommend that you download Messiah again, becuase I have added 14 new presets during the last weeks. I have sent download links to all users, but errors happen. Please get in touch by using the mailadress is at the bottom of this page.

I have got returned mail from these users: caesarg86, jimsand8, fuzdref2004, daniel.ducroq, tarik_haque, gothluke, unoriginaldan, pherasimchuk, michael.branding, slinnsys.co.uk, jasnoch, betonkopfmedia, schuch.pay, aliceadsl.fr and mikelcarrion.


  • I have added a new button: Chord. It works this way: First you press the chord button, then you play the chord on your keyboard for 2 seconds while it is memorized. After the 2 seconds the sound will be muted and you can play the chord transposed by playing a single key on your keyboard. There will be a similar function in the upcoming Solaris supersynth by John Bowen.
  • FIX: Gate on/off switch 5-9 and 13-16 was mixed with the lower row. Volume bug when changing from poly to unison during the release-period solved.
  • New realtime scope.
  • Total clanup of all controls in the synth. I have deleted a lot of parameters. You will get the error message "Some parameters (159 of 447) could not be loaded". This is because I have deleted 159 parameters. All old patches should load fine despite this error message.
  • Brighter reverb.


  • New skin by Scott Kane.
  • Hanging gate in some hosts fixed.
  • New realtime scope.
  • Envelope times changed when closed GUI is opened solved. This was a very difficult fix.
  • Total clanup of all controls in the synth. I have deleted a lot of parameters. You will get the error message "Some parameters (107 of 363) could not be loaded". This is because I have deleted 107 parameters. All old patches should load fine despite this error message.
  • Some changes in the CC numbers for VCF velocity, VCA velocity, gate on and flexi envelope.
  • New knob in control section: Aftertouch to LFO level.
  • 14 new factory presets.


  • Fixed scroll not working for the GUI keyboard.
  • mplemented random buttons for both synthlines. I did not include HPF cutoff, VCF level and synthline level, because they tended to cause silent sounds. Noise level is included, but I recommend that you lower noise level for most random sounds.
  • Fixed values changing when opening a project with closed GUI, and then opening the GUI.
  • Implemented 13 new sounds by me, and 8 new sounds by Jesper Freisleben Nielsen.
  • Automation of ribbon action with the mouse possible. But you must initialize it by doing one bend before you start recording.
  • Rosalind Clarke of Acoustica has improved the Classic skin.
OBS: Be aware that old single patches will load fine, and projects will load fine, but banks (fxb) will have some errors. Every 2nd patch will have some wrong settings. This is because the fix for projects with closed GUIs in the old versions. When you then opened the GUI some parameters would change. I have fixed this in all 3 synths, but the drawback is that in old banks patch 2, 4, 6 and so on will have some wrong parameters. The solution is to save the bank with the old versions as single patches, and then load all the single patches into the new versions. I have done that with all user patches on the webpage, and I recommend that you download the banks again. Of course banks saved in the new versions will have no problems.

I have done a big cleanup in Memorymoon and Messiah and deleted a lot of parameters that was just used for conversion. Because of that you will get some error messages like: "159 parameters could not be loaded". Just click OK. All patches will load fine, all those parameters were not used for anything important. The good news is that this cleanup will cause faster loading times.

Memorymoon user Derek Jasnoch has some very nice music on his webpage - nice music! His webpage.

Mario Jurisch of Synth-project.de has made a beautiful hardware controller for Messiah. I have bought it. Synth-project.de
13.11.10. The webpage is up again. The webhotel I used closed down because they did not earn any money. It was difficult to transfer memorymoon.com to the new webhotel. All user banks have been updated to load without error messages in the new versions.
12.09.10 I have started to update the new webpage graphics by Scott Kane. A bug has been discovered in all 3 instruments: When you start a project with closed GUI, and then open the GUI some parameters will have wrong value. Fixed in next release.
07.07.10 There is a very detailed reiew for Messiah in german language here: Messiah review.

The new Messiah skin by Scott Kane was finished today.

24.05.10 New versions released. I have sent the new versions to registered users ca. 2 months ago. You can still use the download links to get the new "chord" button in memorymoon. Please send me a mail if your instruments have expired. Mailadress is at the bottom of this page.

News in memorymoon 1.7:

  • This version will never expire.
  • New skin by Robert Wentz.
  • Note-on CPU reduced by 18 %.
  • Envelope retrigger modes changed.
  • Clicks in filter1 reduced.
  • Muted 1st note when rendering audio solved.
  • Fixed problem with soundfont file browser.
  • Some minor changes in the factory bank.
  • New chord learn button. How to use it: Press the button, then play a chord for 2 seconds (until it is muted). Then you can play the chord from the keyboard.
News in messiah 1.25 (will be version 1.3 when the new skin is ready)
  • This version will never expire.
  • Note-on CPU reduced.
  • Some new presets in the factory bank.
  • Crash when uploading 2 instances, and then deleting the 1st instance fixed.
  • 1st note muted when rendering audio fixed.
  • Envelope retrigger mode changed.
  • Changes in CC assignments. Some did not work because they are used for LSB messages:
  • Poly-mod to filter: Was CC63, now CC70
  • LFO to freq A: Was CC33, now CC61
  • LFO to freq B: Was cc35, now CC62
  • LFO to PW A: Was cc37, now cc63
  • High EQ level: Was cc06, now cc35
  • Unison osc detune: Was cc98 , now cc29
  • CC picture and Novation templates updated.
Updates in ME80 version 1.1:
  • New high-tec skin by Scott Kane. Some users have requested the old "classic" skin, so it is still available. But I recommend the new skin by Scott Kane.
  • LCD readouts have new grey colour.
  • Readouts for all performance sliders.
  • Improved oscillator sound in extreme highs and lows.
  • Synthline2 detune range increased 100%, touch-responce VCF(LFO) increased 200%.
  • New slider: After speed (Amount of aftertouch smoothing). It is global, that means that it will not change when you change patch, but it is changed every time you load a new patch or a bank. Because of that it is saved with song in a host.
  • New smoothing system for ribbon. It goes faster back to original pitch when released, while it is smoothed more than before when bending downwards. It is possible to smooth even more in later versions.
  • Bugfix: First note could be muted when rendering audio. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Crash when uploading 2 instances and then deleting the 1st instance fixed.
  • New "menu" below patch name makes it possible to load/save patches from the synth`s GUI.
  • Some new factory patches.

16.02.10 Constantin Philippou has released the track Acropolis . Track list::
  • ME80 flute
  • ME80 china pads
  • ME80 Georges hymn
  • ME80 Thorau the ring
  • CS80 small effect
  • Juno second part delay
  • Moog
His webpage: Musicgetaway.com
03.01.10 Fixes for the ME80 version 1.0:
  • Fixed synthline2 LPF cutoff MIDI-learn.
  • Moved envelope page default/brassy switch for attack curve to avoid overlapping switches.
  • Modified the preset "too sensitive".
  • This version has no copy protection. (Will never expire.)



Novation controller templates for memorymoon and messiah  uploaded on the download page. (Not for the novation mk2 series).

Next memorymoon version will have note-on CPU reduced by 18%, and general CPU 1% lower. Envelope retrigger modes will be changed, and missing notes fixed.

Changes in memorymoon v1.6

  • Previous version still had a multi-core problem. It is fixed. Thanks to Peter Major for doing all the betatesting.
  • Voice-modulation PW2 button fixed.
  • Octave shift button (control section) works in the release period.
  • Voice card drift pitch2, and f-attack is in the automation list.
  • Envelope times has exp curves when controlled from external knobs.
  • GUI envelope deleted.
  • Improved GUI to DSP converter for envelope sustain.
  • Potential problem with clock2 in some hosts fixed.
  • New phaser by Christian-W Budde.
  • Updated wav player.
  • The soundfont player has interpolation when CPU button is off, and advanced sinc interpolation when "CPU" button is on.
  • All patches has aftertouch to filter enabled.
  • Global off/on button for delay and reverb.
  • Some Midi-CC automation numbers corrected. There is still a bug with crash after renaming patches in cubase SX3.

Changes in Messiah v1.2

  • Previous version still had a multi-core problem. It is fixed.
  • Poly mode is now 8 voices. All levels adjusted for the new polyphony.
  • Octave shift button (control section) works in the release period.
  • Envelope times has exp curves when controlled from external knobs.
  • New phaser by Christian-W Budde.
  • All arp patches synced to host clock by default.
  • Global off/on button for delay.
  • Improved page selectors.

Memorymoon , Messiah and ME80 vst vsti instruments.

Contact Gunnar.

Webdesign: Scott Kane.

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