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The ME80 is mostly about aftertouch expression. (and breath-control CC2 is routed to aftertouch). It is a synth for persons that like to play for hours.

demo_32bit demo_64bit

ME80 v2.7

Win 32 and 64 bit

No Mac version

Demo with audio dropouts



The instrument was developed by Gunnar Ekornås, Max Fazio and Georges Poropat over a period of 2 years. Max Fazio has done much research in available data and expired patents. I have discussed every detail of the synth with Max, and he has been the driving force in this project. In many parts of the synth I have just followed his instructions. Georges Poropat is a CS80 owner. He has supplied all the soundfiles I have been asking for and like Max  given response about all parts of the synth.  Max and Georges did all this work for free because it was their dream to see it realized: To preserve it in digital form, and to make the special playing experience available to more people.   Version 2.0 is completely rebuilt and coded by Chris Kerry and use the CK_engine. RG sounds made by Robin Grinnall. PR sounds made by Paul Roach. The 11+11 synthline presets are made by Max Fazio

Price is 40 dollar. Win 32 and 64 bit. No Mac version.

The ME80 is a classic anologsynth. In addition to the features on a Yamaha CS80 the ME80 will give you:

Patch memory for 128 patches.

Group presets for each synthline and equalizer.

You can select highpass/lowpass for each filer.

You can change the sine wave into a triangle with adjustable harmonics.

You can change the square wave into a saw.

The saw can be made double with adjustable detuning.

Delay and reverb

EQ page with 2 graphic equalizers and distortion section between the equalizers.

Selectable mono, 8, 12, 16 and 24 voice polypony, and selectable 0-8 voices unison with detune knob.

Drift page with sliders for random tuning of each voicecards every time you hit a note and LFO for slow drift movements.

How to use some of the new features in the synth.

Listen to ME80:

Some of the factory sounds played live:

ME80 2.0 track by Siggi Mueller. He used poly afertouch from a CME keyboard.

More from soundcloud:

A track by Spektrum Shift: (Info about sounds and reverb.)

ME80 1.2 with added reverb from Cubase5. (Played with polyphonic aftertouch keyboard):

Alaska played by Georges Poropat

Hymn played by Georges Poropat

China played by Georges Poropat